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Disappointing Parts Delivery
One of the most satisfying programs the
Iowa Auto Recyclers Summer Outing
event supports is the Charitable Chariots
program out of Northwest Iowa Commu-
nity College. Another, of course, is our
Scholarship program supported by
the generous gifts and auctions buys at
the event each year. This year was extra
special as we were able to actual give
away the Charitable Chariot at Quandt
Auto Salvage, our generous 2014 Outing
July / August 2014
Iowa Auto Recyclers
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A recent Repairer’s blog made me
chuckle and cringe at the same time.
Mostly because it stated some harsh
truths, many of which we can improve
upon as the deliverer of repair parts.
Simply stated “Mechanics need parts,
preferably delivered quickly.”
blogger went on to say that due to the
rural location he always anticipated
disappointing parts delivery due to
vendor “bobbled the ball and it didn't
make it onto the truck.”
In truth being
honest about the delivery could have
given the buyer more realistic expecta-
Don’t over promise and under
as the saying goes. An
honest estimate of delivery will build
trust. Just say ‘by time we get the part
packed up we’ll miss today’s truck, so
it will go out tomorrow and take two
days to get to your remote location. If I
tell you otherwise I’d be lying.’
The blogger complained about the lack
of inventory at the locally owned shop
when common items were no longer
stocked in high volume. But that work-
ing with the chain store drove up costs
and increased paperwork. Again
is an opportunity to be honest and
build a relationship over just filling
an order
. If the customer requests
multiple of an item and you can only
do a partial ship today, then tell them,
“I can ship you two of the six you re-
quested, and by time you get those
installed I’ll have the rest shipped out.”
The shops know that you may not
have all the parts in stock and may
need to broker items purchased in
bulk. Chances are if you can meet the
immediate need and have the back
stock on their shelf before it is needed
next time the shop will be satisfied.
Charitable Chariots
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