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May / June 2016

Iowa Auto Recyclers

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Van Horn's museum was a part of

North Iowa for over 17 years.


Van Horn, the founder and proprietor of

Van Horn Truck Museum, opened in

1983, closed the door on Sept. 22, 2000.

At age of 69-year-old back then, Van

Horn said dwindling attendance was one

reason he called it quits. Van Horn's

“collection of collections” was headlined

by the 55 antique trucks on display.

Van Horn at the time had said "It's been

unreal," of the traffic at his museum

since his announcement to close. "We've

had more people here lately from Mason

City and Clear Lake than the previous

four years." Now at age 85, Van Horn

has amassed a much smaller scale per-

sonal museum of his own that he will be

sharing with the attendees of the Iowa

Automotive Recyclers Summer Outing.

Lloyd Van Horn founded Van Horn Auto

Parts, Inc., located at 20966 Monroe St

in Mason City, Iowa, in 1951 and is still

active in the company today along with

two sons, Terry who is the general man-

ager, Larry who is the parts manag-

er, and Terry’s wife Sue who is the office


But if you really want to see an expert

gleam with pride and knowledge held by

few, if any other individuals on the plan-

et, don’t miss an opportunity to ask Lloyd

about antique trucks. Lloyd himself told

the tale to a reporter in 1995 of how the

antique truck museum got started.

A Little Story on the Van

Horn Truck Museum by

Lloyd Van Horn

About 25 years ago, on a Saturday after-

noon, a friend talked me into going to an

antique auto auction with him. Up to that

point I had never collected antiques of

any kind, but I thought I would go with

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Van Horn Truckload of History