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Mike Swift Becomes President

of the Automotive Recyclers Association

November / December 2015

Iowa Auto Recyclers

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Professional Automotive Recycler Mike

Swift of Swift's Trails End Auto Recy-

cling, in Des Moines, Iowa, gave his in-

augural speech as the President of the

Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA)

at the 72nd Annual ARA Convention &

Exposition held October 7-10 in Char-

lotte, North Carolina.

His tenure on the Executive Committee

of the Association, where he has served

as Secretary, Second Vice President,

and First Vice President, continues in a

leading role to help shape and guide the

Association’s initiatives and directives.

"I am honored to take the reigns as Pres-

ident of ARA and to continue to play a

role in preserving and promoting the

work of professional automotive recy-

clers,” said Swift in his acceptance

speech. Swift, a longstanding ARA and

Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR)

member, is extremely active in the indus-

try as a cutting-edge automotive recycler

and leader in his community.

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Photo courtesy of ARA