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Iowa NMVTIS and

Affidavit Systems

The Iowa Automotive Recyclers is

dedicated to providing education to

auto recyclers and used auto parts

retailers in Iowa. IAR will host the an-

nual Summer Outing and trade show

in Des Moines, Iowa May 29-30, 2015

at the Prairie Meadows

Conference Center. The event will


honor the association founders, John

C and Ruth Vander Haag, with a life-

time achievement award presentation.

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March April 2015

Iowa Auto Recyclers

Inside this issue:

NMVTIS and Affidavit in Iowa Bill from front cover 10 Summer Outing from front cover 11 Agenda 12 Registration Form 13 I-CARE Path to Compliance 18 ARA Update 22

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The National Motor Vehicle Title Infor-

mation System (NMVTIS) is designed

to assist, and provide benefits to state

motor vehicle titling information agen-

cies. By making it an Iowa law, DOT

will have another tool in their belt to

deter vehicle theft and fraud. NMVTIS

provides states with a mechanism to

instantly check all state vehicle title

record systems to verify the accuracy

and legitimacy of title information. This

50-state instant search protects states

from crime and saves

agencies processing time.

It also provides states

with access to insurance,

junk, and salvage infor-

mation reported on vehi-

cles that they may be ti-

tling or have already titled,

as well as other data that

is readily available.

The Iowa NMVTIS bill was also en-

hanced by an affidavit component.

Tied to both the Senate and House

bills passed this legislative session is

a system that will allow the lawful use

of an affidavit in lieu of certificate of

title for salvage vehicles purchased

from the rightful owner.

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Summer Outing Registration