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History of Iowa Automotive Recyclers

by John C. Vander Haag

The Iowa Automotive Recyclers will

host the annual Summer Outing and

trade show in Des Moines, Iowa May

29-30, 2015 at the Prairie Meadows

Conference Center. The event will


honor the association

founders, John C and Ruth Vander

Haag, with a lifetime achievement

award presentation.

There is still time to register!

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May / June 2015

Iowa Auto Recyclers

Inside this issue:

History of IAR from front cover 6 Summer Outing Registration from front cover 14 Exhibitor Profiles 8 Agenda 11 About the Conference 12 Shipping Options 16 ARA Update 22

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While attending my first National Auto

Truck Wreckers Association or NATWA

convention and after seeing the benefits of

belonging to an association like NATWA, I

came home that fall of 1957, wanting to

start an Iowa association.

John Ruggiero of American Auto Parts in

Omaha, NE, was just organizing the tele-

type communication system between sal-

vage yards in Nebraska, Minnesota and

Iowa, and he gave me a list of name of

salvage yards in Iowa. About the same

time Charley Riggs from Lincoln, NE,

stopped in, asking my thoughts on starting

an auto parts locator magazine, which he

did start. I called a meeting on December

19, 1957 at the Hotel Fort Des Moines in

Des Moines to form the

Iowa Auto Truck

Wreckers Association or IATWA

. The

first elected officers were President Isa-

dore Tucker of Tucker Auto Parts Co.,

Des Moines. Vice-president Al Wolfe of

Coralville Salvage Co., Coralville and Sec-

retary/Treasurer Charles Riggs of the

newly formed Salvage Locator magazine.

Charley Riggs sold membership along

with his Locator business, as he contacted

salvage yards for ads in his Locator.

At our organizational meeting Isadore

Tucker took over the meeting, became

president and then did not carry through. I

continued to baby sit the Association with

Charley Riggs. After some time Charley

Riggs skipped the country, funds and all

and the Association eventually folded.

Charley Riggs had sold out to John

Holmes Publishing in Whiting, IA, who

was printing local shopper newspapers in

the Sioux City area at the time. The Asso-

ciation died, for lack of a better word.

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Summer Outing in Des Moines